City Flame | 15 November 2017 15:35 CET

Singer, Nikki Laoye Defends Pastors with Armed Guards

By Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

Singer, Nikki Laoye, has aired her opinion on the lingering topic on why should Pastors go about with armed guards instead of having faith in the Holy Spirit.

The issues of Tithing has been a serious topic of discuss that lots of people have been airing their opinion with some calling out names and sharing various photos of the actions of some Pastors.

In between the issue of tithing, question was brought up on why some pastors now move around with armed guards and singer, Nikki Laoye, shared her view by stating that they need it because they are public figures and can’t tell who dislike them.

According to her, “not trying to defend any pastor but the truth is they are well known public figures, and you never know who wants to harm them, just like major celebrities or statesmen who can't just walk on the streets bare but have armed guards, or plain clothed security men around them. They are human beings but hey, i won't blame them... Even Jesus' disciples behaved like bodyguards at times, shielding him in face of trouble from the crowd and pharisees. Peter cut off the ear of someone he felt was a threat. This is just my own personal opinion, everyone is entitled to theirs oo (for all the funny ppl that like to attack with comments, just hold your own biko)”

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