Music News | 6 November 2017 14:04 CET

Singer, Johnny Drille Reveals Why he Cannot Board Flight Again

Mavin Records signee, Johnny Drille, might be described as a local boy but he does not mind whatever name is given to him because of the phobia he now has for air plane.

The singer recently shared the scariest day of his life story which happened in the plan which he boarded in February as it almost lost control due to bad weather.

Due to the ugly experience he had, Johnny told God that he will never step his leg into any flight again as he is afraid it might crash one day due to the various crash stories he has been hearing and reading about.

“I've been scared of flying since February when an aircraft I was on landed in Port Harcourt instead of Lagos due to heavy downpour. We were so close to touchdown but the pilot couldn't stabilize the plane and he suddenly took the plane up again. We went round and tried to land again but it was even worse conditions.

There was way more turbulence than usual and we went in circles for over an hour before the pilot decided it was better we headed to Port Harcourt before we ran out of fuel mid-air . I was scared as hell I could have pee'ed myself. Everyone was screaming and praying, it was like watching one of dem plane crash films. On that flight I had told God that if we landed safely I'll never fly in a plane again. As we landed it was like Nigeria won the World Cup, we were all happy to alive. Scariest day of my life!” he wrote.

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