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My Respect for Daddy freeze Stopped the Day he called his Ex-wife ‘Useless’…Timi Dakolo

The current beef between OAP, Daddy Freeze and singer, Timi Dakolo, is getting interesting as Tim has come out to put Daddy Freeze in his position.

Timi revealed to Daddy Freeze that he no longer have his respect for going all out to describe the mother of his children as a ‘useless,’ woman.

He further went on to describe his doctrine as shallow for telling Christians not to pay Tithe as he stated that it’s nobody’s business how the money is being spent by the Pastor.

According to Timi, “I Have Waited For This Day Like A Child Waiting For A New Toy.. First Let Me Address Your Teaching People This Shallow Doctrine Of Not To Pay Tithe And How Our Offerings Are Going To The Pastors Pocket. All Your Talk About Pastors And How They Spend Our Tithes ...We As Christians Give Our Offering/Tithe To God, Weather Pastor Chop Or Not Na Him Go Answer To God..And God Will Be Blessing Us For Giving.

“Stop Your Misleading Innocent Mind And Demonic Teaching... (To The People Looking At The Woman Who Broke Her Alabaster Box. It Was A Waste). To Jesus, It Was an Offering... A Canal Mind Cannot Understand The Things Of The Spirit And Let Me Treat This Ya Jumping Into This My Talk.. On Marriage. Oga Freeze I Respect You As An Elder But Honestly. You Don't Have Any Right To Talk Marriage And Give Advice Or Even Contribute Any Little Bit.

“My Respect For Went Down The Drain The Day I Saw You Call The Mother That Gave You Children Useless. I Mean The Word Useless To The Mother Of Your Children. What Is Lower Than That? Guy Go Boil Beans or Peel Egusi. Men Know What To Say And When To Say Them. My Brother Fear God. He's Ways Are Not Like Ours. Christians Pay Your Tithe. It Is To God. And Young People I Will Say It Again Don't Rush Into Marriage. Be Certain. No Human Being Will Complete You. Forever Is A Long Time To Make Such Mistake.. Ladies Let Me Tell You The Truth. All Men Love Curves and Boobs and Beautiful Face. But We Would Forever Respect A Complete An Intelligent Woman. Come Into Marriage Prepared. It's Not an After Party, You Can’t Just Stand Up and Leave. Apart From Domestic Which I Don't Support. Try And Make It Work. It’s A Partnership of Two Complete People. You Need Patience, Understanding And A Very High Level Of Communication. For To Love Someone Is To Know That Person A Great Deal.”

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