City Flame | 17 October 2017 18:14 CET

Imo People are Suffering…Singer, Daddy Showkey Blast Gov. Rochas Okorocha

Legendary Ajegunle based singer, Daddy Showkey, has joined some Nigerians in criticizing the recently built statue of South African president, Jacob Zuma, in Imo state.

The singer and some Nigerians were shocked at the news and pictures of the giant statue which many have asked various questions about the value it will add the state as a whole.

Nigerians pointed out that Imo state which is under the leadership of Governor Rochas Okorocha, has not been having it rosy of recent and rather than invest the money in something reasonable, it is being spent on statue and this Daddy Showkey is not happy about.

Sharing his displeasure on the issue, he wrote, “My people make me una hear, this one surprise me oo What is it that when someone wants to contest for a seat in the government concerning someone in power, that is when the person in power will be using the government’s might to dugout the past of the person who wishes to contest for that position. And these same people was used by the person in power when you were campaigning for your seat in power. If you knew that they were bad, y use them in first place. Now for the same government, sombodi dey build statue wey e no concern the country at all. Abi una don hear say dem build Sam Mbakwe statue for South Africa? Wey be the father of Imo state. Imo people dey suffer, he dey build statue wey e no concern the power. For the same government, ministers say dem give contract, government say dem no give contract(NNPC) the minister house catch fire burn.

“For the same government road no dey to reach the only international port wey we get for Nigeria. People wey dey import goods no fit carry their goods after clearing comot from port... for days, for weeks, for months (Wharf Apapa port, tincan) . Na Ajegunle people dey suffer because trailers don block all the road wey Enter Ajegunle and Apapa G.r.a.(wey be one of the most beautiful g.r.a before when we dey grow up,we dey call am European quarter)

“Today,no road because all our bridge trailer don block am finish on top ijora bridge. Until the day when the bridge collapses and kill people na him dem go talk. Now wayo Rochas dey build statue wey e no concern him people, him government workers wey him never pay money. Since when him dey as governor, local government election him no do. Nobody talk anything, sidon(sit-down)look na dog name. My people we go dey Sidon look? If we talk,dem go go dig our past.

“Me as one person, I don tell una before day for the streets of Ajegunle dem born me. If u like go dig my past because I don tell the world about my past before and I dey bold to talk about my past. How many of una fit do am,now Nigeria Na our own, Na the people own, Na One Nigeria. East-west-North and south, our people dey suffer. We dey look una oo and we go soon ready for una #showdonshow #daddyshowkey #lionclan #ajegunle ”

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