In The Closet | 30 July 2017 10:04 CET

I Hate Wearing Hair net, Early Morning Kisses…Toke Makinwa Reveals

By Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

Popular radio on-air-personality, Toke Makinwa, in her latest vlog has taken time to list some of the things she does not like doing and also advised ladies to learn from it.

She disclosed that she hate picking her nose either with her man or in public, she does not like farting even in the presence of her guy, she detest early morning kiss and does not like wearing hair net.

Toke stressed that wearing hair net does not look good at all because the guys do not feel sexy when they perceive the odour that oozes out of it.

According to her, “I hate hair net, I personally cannot stand hair net, I hate it with a passion. I personally believe that it is torture for any man to see you walking around in hair net, sometimes you wear it for a while and it starts to smell nooo, there are some nice silky scarf that you can wear, ladies, let’s stop wearing hairnet because I don’t think the guys find it sexy.”

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