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Domestic Violence these days is Caused by the Men…Actress, Lizzygold Onuwaje

By Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

The issue of domestic violence has been a big issue in Nigeria especially in the entertainment industry with various allegations and counter allegations without one getting to know the truth.

Nollywood actress, Lizzygold Onuwaje, still believes that it is rare for a woman to violate any man because a lady is well mannered and can only act if the man has pushed her to the wall.

She stressed that some men don’t understand what marriage is all about as they just get married and abandon the wife expecting her to dance to his tune.

In her opinion if women also violate men in marriages she said, “There is no crazy woman as there is no smoke without fire. Before a woman will abuse her husband verbally the man must have pushed her to the wall. No woman will just wake up and start violating her man, it’s not done. Every reaction you get from a woman is based on what the man does; some men don’t know how to take care of women. It’s not just about getting married; people get married and don’t know what to do. When you get married you have to take care of your wife, pay bills and do a lot of things. Some men live carelessly and expect their wives to always dance to their tune, domestic violence these days is caused by the men.”

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