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Singer, 9ice, ex-wife, Toni Payne Found True Love?

By Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

Singer, 9Ice ex-wife, Toni Payne seems to have found true love again as she gave some hint on her twitter handle recently.

Though, the hints is kind of daisy but based on some certain things she wrote it shows that true love is brewing in her heart.

Read below her several tweets;
The foundation of any relationship is trust. Once it's violated, you have to want to work hard to mend the cracks. The only thing that ties a man down is true love. Married to the hustle... staying focused on getting my money way up.

The most disappointing feeling is when you think someone is a good person, then you find out they are not. Don't let anyone play games with your mind or your heart. Guard those two things jealousy. Ive learned, not every time "men are scum" sometimes people choose to do what makes them happy. We have free will to accept or move on.

My man gotta love to travel. I wanna see as many countries & places as I possibly can. My man gotta love to travel. I wanna see as many countries & places as I possibly can. Iv seen what it is to work hard for love and Iv seen what it is to be truly loved by just being u. The difference is like night and day.

The first one feels like turmoil, constant emotional ups & downs. The second is peace. Even with "challenges," the peace never leaves. I should just go ahead and write a self help book about relationships. Lol... Too many gems from experience to share. Even after one marriage mishap, I should be pessimistic about love, but I'm not. Don't let anyone convince u that it doesn't exist. It does! Ours is not perfect, but it is imperfectly beautiful. 2nd time is a charm.

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