Sightings | 27 July 2017 10:40 CET

Singer, Sexy Steel Admits not Being ‘Man’ Enough

By Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

Singer, Abbey Abuedebetter known as Sexy Steel, sure knows how to enjoy himself as he cannot allow himself to be stressed by the hard day’s work and thank God he is a boss of his own so more time to enjoy.

Whenever he is not in Nigeria, its either he rushes back to have fun with his pretty wife in Dublin, Ireland, whom he has ensured that he keeps away from the media and public view or he is in another just for vacation. It is so funny that not many had an idea that the singer was married because he does not have his wedding ring on.

Recently, he travelled to the US and having fun at the Maimi South Beach in Florida, he decided to known how manly he was by having a snake wrapped around his neck but the feeling was not funny as he almost urinated on his body.

He could not spend a minute with the snake on his neck as he asked the owner to remove it. “I thought @davidoofficial wasn't man enough not until I experienced dis.”

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