Nollywood At Large | 5 June 2017 17:56 CET

Actress, Moyo Lawal Blasts Those Guilty as Dammy Krane but Still Hiding

By Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

Nollywood actress, Moyo Lawal, has stepped into the singer, Dammy Krane’s fraud saga and as others have been castigating him, a question is being thrown in the air.

Moyo warned that although stealing is wrong but asked how many people are feeding from their salary whereby they travel from one country to another.

She stressed that in as much as Dammy Krane is wrong, people should also check themselves and be truthful rather than thrown stones into glass house.

In her words, “ as much as I am not #Teampackage for the world. I detest hypocrisy !!! ( you know them ,pips who say ,type holiest than thou but have the dirtiest secret lives) And yes ..yes ...yes.. Stealing is wrong ...wrong ..wrong ...but who are you to judge? This guy hit the nail on the head though. lets be real. How many people actually survive on their salaries? (pips who earn 200k or even 500k a month traveling for every holiday) Or business income? (you see pips starting businesses and in one or three years time, buying luxury car and house then making the real hardworking people feel useless).. Tsk. ..tsk. Tsk...all you people living in glass houses and still throwing stones. Continue!!! Your downfall is gathering speed.”

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