AMEBO | 6 April 2017 12:04 CET

Actress, Moyo Lawal in trouble Over Raunchy Outfit

Nollywood actress, Moyo Lawal, is not ready to take any form of insult from any of her fans who come after her either publicly or on social media even spiritually sef.

The actress recently posted a sexy picture of herself revealing some fresh part of her body while a car and while some gave good comments about her pretty looks, some decided to hunt her and even sting her like bee.

Her fans that have been following her for a while now were scared for her with some asking if she has not started featuring in pornographic movies.

Trust Moyo, after reading things said about her, rather than get angry, she decided to warn that they as parents should stop monitoring her so she will not be a bad influence to their children.

mirabellef.awambeng : Hope you don't end up in porn movies. If you ain't there yet

blackmadona2016: Why do you always open your laps and you breast? Can you for once cover up and dress decent as a LADY?

blackmadona2016 : @mirabellef.awambeng you are on point dear. she is not a good mentor to upcoming kids at all. Showing all these does not make one sexy or beautiful

moyolawalofficial : Thank you very much for very sweet comments @blackmadona2016 . But you people are the same people who insult me when I cover. Please don't follow me. I will totally not want your kids to be become morally corrupt. God bless you.

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