General News | 4 April 2017 12:50 CET

Only Old Age Can Stop us from Flaunting Wealth on Social Media…Actor, Kolade Oyewande

Hmm, for some time now, some youths in the Nigerian entertainment sector especially have been bashed for always flaunting their wealth, luxuries on social media but lots of them have their reasons for doing such.

Remember back then, our parents will come around insulting their boys especially telling them how the son of one man is driving big car and they are good for nothing with various forms of insults, well, these same kids have grown and are showing off to these parents.

The parents go as far as comparing their children with that of a rich man’s children who gave birth and the children came to inherit their wealth but for our parents, they don’t ask themselves questions.

Nollywood actor, Kolade Oyewande better known as Highlander, has come out to defend the youths by stating that they are only youths who need to enjoy things now knowing that when they are old, they will no longer do them like the Dangotes and Tinubus.

In his words, “You can never see Fashola, Tinubu, Dangote etc posting on social media there new houses, new cars, new clothes, despite their riches and they kept getting rich, but why is it that we young ones of now a days, now post all our cars, houses, clothes, on social media, well I believe we are still boys while those I mention are men lol..let us enjoy our live ,when we old like them we will stop posing new cars, new houses. Some will say they are coded and we are lousy youth, let us be lousy abeg na our time ..congrat to all youths ,getting new cars, new houses, one love.”

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