Relationships | 22 October 2016 14:51 CET

If You Want To Attract Your Dream Man, Do This One Thing


Every man is different with different preferences. There is no single “right” way to attract a man. With so many different types of guys and preferences, it would be impossible to list all the physical attributes or flirty actions that will draw interest.

But, even with all those preferences, there is one thing that is essential to seducing your man:

Be YOUR most attractive self
There is no point obsessing about having a tall, thin body if you’re naturally curvy or about having a curvy body if you’re naturally hipless. Yes, physical attraction is a big deal for men (obviously). But obsessing about your weight to the point of missing out on life or having a horrible personality will kill any guy’s interest in you.

Exercise because it’s healthy and helps you feel good. Dress up on special occasions in what helps you feel most confident. Create a life you love and then don’t worry about it.

If you work to be your most attractive self, the peace and positive energy that draws others in will show. Every man is attracted to a different body type; so, if seducing your man is your goal, don’t stress about creating a “perfect body” – just work on creating a positive, irresistible vibe everyone is drawn to.

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