Fashion | 24 June 2016 09:00 CET

Ekaz Signature And Eve Lo To Showcase At Afirca Fashion Week Nigeria 2016


Ekaz is a high fashion, made-to-measure clothing centre and fashion training school, with high class design standards and garment accessories that are Afrocentric /Ethical.

From a rather age, Mame Awa Lo (Founder & Ceo of Eve design) have been surrounded by textiles as a result of her mother blooming textile business. Because of this early exposure to the textile industry, she developed an unending love for clothes and by this she began to overindulge in this love, shopping quite frequently. Through shopping quite frequently, she was rather frustrated with basics clothes and it just seemed natural to want to translate her ideas into fashion by creating her own brand.

From her college days, at age 17 she will go get fabrics and explain to a local tailor what she wanted to sew. After sewing 20 clothes, she decided to organise a Fashion Show at the one of the biggest Restaurant in Dakar (Senegal) to Launch her brand. With a good address book, she managed to invite friends, parents, celebrities, tv, radios to attend the fashion show. After the show, tv presenter and celebrities asked to wear her designs during their show and other medias invite her to speak about her collection. Things started to become serious and she moved to Morocco to attend Lasalle College of Arts, an international Canadian school.

After her graduation, she started to attend fashion parties, fashion show in the city of Marrakesh and meeting other designers and celebrities. 

She is now a full-time designer living between Senegal and Morocco.

 Eve design is a luxury brand focused on evening wear comprises haute couture, street wear and accessories. The brand targets the global citizen with a love for conscious luxury. The products range from $200 to $6700 and are carried by pretty ladies around the world and celebrities like CEO SASSY, EMMA ADEI, ALENA GEBER, LINDA ZNOTINA.

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