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Did OJB Jezeel Knew He was Going To Die Before His 50th Birthday?


Some days ago, the late OJB Jezreel gave his last interview and it was on how he will celebrate his 50th birthday that should have come up this July. Was he expecting death? He spoke as someone who has seen it all in life and doesn't think that 50 should be accorded so much celebration.

He had said "I hear most people turn 50 and say things like 'I'll get closer to God', so I always wonder. Really, you don't have to hit the age of 50 before you should get close to God, what if you don't live up to 50?"

That was a question that has answered itself. He said how he wanted to celebrate his birthday “I think the first thing I really want to do is to have a quiet moment with my family, because as you are aware from 2013 till now it's been a rolling stone of challenges health-wise and for some reasons I'm still alive, so that day, I really don't want too much noise and celebration. I just want it to be a day for myself, family and God. But after that day, we can turn up and paint the town all the colours you want (laughs).”

He added "Turning 50 was something I used to look at as an age that's very far away, but here it is today. It just makes you see that the people that took the responsibility of fathering your generation at that time have done their part and it's our turn to take over from them and take care of the next generation. That's what I see, a lot of responsibilities because now it's obvious that people will-actually look up to you."

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