Celebrity | 13 June 2016 10:45 CET

My Visitor Stole My Expensive Tag Heuer Wristwatch- Victoria Inyama

Source: Nollywoodgists.com

Nollywood actress, Victoria Inyama is not like some celebrities who flaunt their new gadgets when she showed off her limited edition Tag Heuer wristwatch. She was showing it because someone came to her house and stole it from her.

She said “Am so hurt. This very sentimental piece was taken or should I say stolen from my home, No I wasn't burgled. A person that visited me stole it and that's why it grieves my heart. It can't be sold to a proper jeweler because it has security Mark but I suspect it could have been locally sold here in the UK or to some innocent person in Nigeria or may have even been pawned for cash. I pray that someone who has seen it somehow contacts me. it's a limited edition & not common. Please. Thank you”. she pleaded

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