Nollywood Exclusive | 26 May 2016 15:45 CET

Grace Amah Fires Crystabel Goddy for Insulting Ibinabo

Some weeks back, embattled Nollywood actress, Crystabel Goddy, who had a rough time with fellow actress on set, had stated in an interview that Ibinabo fiberesima, was suffering because she passed a wrong judgment on her during the issues she had.

Crystabel had bit off flesh from co-actress, Princess Chineke's thigh while on a movie set and this led to public out cry with many airing their various displeasure.

But than get a response from Ibinabo, actress, Grace Amah, has chosen to fight for Ibinabo, as she made it known to Crystabel that the former AGN president was acting base on rule of law and not on her own will.

In her words, ''Recently, I read a statement credited to Crystabel where she allegedly said that the travails Ibinabo Fiberesima, President AGN, in the Court was as a result of what the President did to her (Christabel). Christabel had alleged that Ibinabo wrongly passed judgement on her by banning her from Acting in line with the rules of AGN after Christabel was found guilty for fighting and biting a colleague at a movie location. I have said it severally that every profession has its own rules and guidelines or code of conduct. AGN certainly has its own rules one of which is the fact that colleagues are not allowed to fight at locations and where such inevitably happens, whoever is the culprit should be punished accordingly.

“Rather than apologize for her wrong doing, Christabel took to the media to chastise President Ibinabo and started insinuating that her travails came as a result of the punishment given to her for misconduct. While it would ordinarily not be necessary to join issues with Christabel over her reckless and shameful comments, I feel it is important that we recognise that a leader does not represent himself or herself when holding public office. The leader represents the people and is guided by the rules made by the people. Ibinabo didn't seem to have any personal issues with Christabel. In discharging her duties as President of AGN, she was only carrying out a mandate conferred on her by the members of Actor Guild of Nigeria (AGN).”

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