Nollywood Glamour | 26 March 2016 00:25 CET

Essence makes her Nollywood Debut in Kumbaya


Former label, Nigerian singer,Uwale Okoro popularly known as Essence, who left Kennis Music and started her blogging business,is now trying her hands on acting. This may be an indication that she music doesn't pay her much after songs like 'Facebook love' and 'Giving it all'
She had officially parted ways with Kennis Music in December 2014 and now she is making her debut in Nollywood, in a couple of weeks. Essence is already working with other Nollywood actors and actresses on a movie set in movie called “Kumbaya”.

To confirm that she is already an actress, she said about the acting business 'Yes, it is true. I am featuring in a movie that will be released soon. I am a graduate of Theatre Arts, I am a trained actor.”

The singer who is still single once said that“Marriage is difficult. A lot of people in it are not enjoying it. Some are enjoying it. It is not just me.I wouldn't be sent to hell if I don't get married” she said

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