Stream Insights | 14 March 2016 09:28 CET

Stephanie Okereke Linus says Motherhood is a Wonderful Feeling


Stephanie Okereke Linus is no stranger in making amazing movies in Nollywood. Take for instance, her Dry, an advocacy movie for the girl-child, that won the Best Overall Movie at the 2016 Africa Magic Viewers' Choice Awards (AMVCA). In an interview, she has said that women should not died during child birth.

She said about motherhood “That is the most beautiful experience ever. Sometimes, you have this out-of-body experience that when you look at the child, you tell yourself, 'Is this my child? Did he actually come out of me?'

“You have moments like that and it just shows you that our life is spiritual and God is just amazing. There are certain things you just don't understand and when you have a child and you see his eyes, it's like you're living your life all over again. It's a very wonderful feeling, I'm telling you. It's something you can't even describe. It's something that you need to experience. When you look at the innocence of the child and the need for you to protect your baby and make sure that everything is done right for him or her. It's just an amazing feeling and I'm really grateful to God that he gave me the ability, that He made me experience it.”

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