Fanbox | 16 February 2016 12:39 CET

Reason Why Kate Henshaw Calls Her Fan Chimpanzee

Source: Hope Efoghe/

The attitude of some fans could be frustrating sometimes, they pick on some celebrities and say awful things, forgetting the fact that they are also humans and they have feelings too.

The question that keeps coming to mind is, why are you following someone you do not like their personality, instead of insulting an individual, you can as well unfollow that person.

Recently, Nollywood star actress, Kate Henshaw was a victim of online bully, as a fan insulted her by calling her ugly after she uploaded a photo.

The actress also got no chill as she immediately responded by calling him a chimpanzee.
'' chimpanzee escaped from zoo, that's what you are… will inform the zookeeper that one of it's animal escaped.'' she wrote.

The actress further said she would not ignore anyone who insults her, as no one has the right to insult, and she is no one's easy target, who ever tries to insult or laugh at her would get more than what they expect.

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