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I Can't Forget What Toyin Aimakhu Did To Me- Adeniyi Johnson

Source: Maryjane Ezeh/

They have been separated for some months now and the chances of their reconciliation is very slim, yet Adeniyi Johnson can't seem to erase the fun memories he had with his wife, Toyin Aimakhu, off his head.

Speaking to the Punch Newspaper about how he did not gain weight even after marriage, the popular actor recalled what Toyin did to him when they were still living together.

'It is because I exercise regularly. It is not ,because my wife does not cook for me, in fact she loves to cook for me a lot but I exercise every day. I remember an incident that happened in the house a while back. My wife had to pack my jogging kit and hid it. I searched the whole house but I did not find it, I did not know that she hid it in one of the cabinets in the kitchen.

Eventually I saw it and she said she hid it because I am not fat and I still jog every day to burn fat. I like to keep fit and I discovered that once an actor gets married, he has tendencies to grow a pot belly and lose shape. Even though I am not muscular, I lift weights too. I also watch what I eat; I cannot eat solid food at night for instance.

Even when I am on location, before anybody wakes up, I would have jogged round the hotel like 8-10 times. It is a part of me now and I have been doing so for years. I am used to it. I wish I could go for Olympics,'' he recalled.

On the kind of clothes that he feels complements his kind of person, he said,

'My keyword is comfort. I wear anything that is comfortable. If I am attending a red carpet event and I feel like wearing a T-shirt and jeans, I opt for that. I don't believe we have to break the bank for a red carpet appearance. I wear what I'm comfortable in and it must be able to boost my carriage. I wear what I am proud of so that when I step out, I would feel comfortable enough to talk to my colleagues. Very soon I would be doing strictly African attires, especially on the red carpet. I am an African man.'

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