Celebrity | 7 December 2015 11:40 CET

Why Men Cheat in Their Union…Juliet Ibrahim Reveals

Recently, fans of some African celebrities have continued to wonder what could be the problem facing some relationships or marriages of some of their favourite stars as the wake up to read the news of various marriage dissolution.

Many have thrown stones at the females who they presume do not take care of their home front while some believe it is the men that are at fault. Some female celebs have accused their man of infidelity and all forms of accusations yet one finds it difficult to judge.

For Ghanaian actress, Juliet Ibrahim, her believe is that for every man out there, there is always a woman who is ready to go down with him no matter the situation.

According to the actress, “wondering why a man will cheat? Simplest answer among all others; because there's always a wo9man out there willing to cheat with him.”

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