Touch Of Thoughts | 18 September 2015 21:18 CET

Dayo Amusa, Fathia Balogun Not Scared of Death, Still Attends Hajj Pilgrimage

Source: Helen Olohunde/

Despite the recent challenges faced by the Saudi officials as the crane of the hajj building went down killing many and leaving some wounded, it still does not scare some Nigerians from worshiping their God.

The Hajj which is a pillar of Islam and Muslims encouraged to make the journey at least once in a lifetime to pray, sees millions of people from different countries coming around to confess their sins and seek for God's guidance in their endeavours.

Despite the sad occurrence at this year's hajj, two Nollywood actresses still made their way to the Saudi Arabia for the annual Hajj pilgrimage.

Dayo Amusa and Fathia Balogun, were spotted recently having a nice time in Saudi as they join the list of many Nigerians who are seeking salvation from their creator.

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