AMEBO | 11 September 2015 16:56 CET

I'm an Independent Woman, No Man Can Control Me....Bimbo Thomas

Popular Nollywood actress, Bimbo Thomas, whose role in Funke Akindele movie, 'Omo Gheto,' brought her to limelight, has disclosed that she does not mind a long distance relationship if she truly loves the guy.

Still single, the actress told New telegraph that she is an independent woman and can chose to do whatever she likes without anyone controlling and can chose to date whoever she wants.

When asked on her perception towards some actresses who chose to date guys base abroad and later walk out of the relationship, she stressed that it is an individual perception and does not see distance as a barrier.

She explained that her boyfriend had to relocate from abroad to Nigeria and they are happy together.

“That is an individual thing; it's about what you like. For me, I do my thing, whether you are abroad or Nigeria, I go along with whoever I conclude to go out with. When I decide you are okay for me, then I don't have a problem with where you reside. My boyfriend relocated from abroad and we are together. I would say it's an individual thing like I said earlier because we have all got the freedom to do whatever we like,” she said.

Bimbo also noted that she is not in a rush to get married despite the fact that her mother has called her warning her about time but she believes that at the right time, the wedding bells will ring.

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