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I Was Ashamed When My Mammary Gland Popped Out at an Event… Yetunde Aderibigbe

Everyone seems to have gotten one memorable day of some sorts they tend not to forget in a hurry either good or bad and Nollywood actress, Yetunde Aderibigbe, is not an exception.

The actress recalling her sad moments at an event explained that she had admired a particular dress and ordered for it but did not get it on time as it was brought to her at the venue of the event which she had to immediately change into in her car.

She explained that while being happy with herself, she never knew the dress had fault and as she stepped into the event, people were starring at her only for her to discover that her mammary glands were on display.

Out of shame, the actress stated that she went back into the car to change and later went home as she could not stand the embarrassment.

According to her, “I had earlier discussed with someone to help me get a dress but I couldn't get my hands on the dress until the day of the event. In fact, I got the dress at the venue of the event and I had to change to the dress in my car. I remembered, it was a tube gown and I had hurriedly worn it without checking it out.”

“But when I got inside the venue, I realised everyone was staring at me and lo and behold all my breasts were out. I was so uncomfortable when I realised that; I hurriedly went back into the car and I didn't even have the guts to go back and so from there, I just went home,” she told Sun newspaper.

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