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Biodun Okeowo Shares Secrets Of Her Ageless Look

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No doubt, Yoruba actress, Biodun Okeowo is one of stars dominating the industry. The fair-skinned actress, producer and CEO of Victoria Beauty Shop graces the television screen with her radiance and in a recent chat with, the single mother of two discussed her beauty tips and the secret behind her ageless looks.

"I do not know about being ageless, but I know I'm trying to be my own ambassador. You know, I run a beauty shop, where we sell whitening products and other beauty products. So, it wouldn't be a good business practice if I, who sell these products, do not represent what I market.

“It will not be good if someone comes to my shop to buy clothes and see me in rags. In other words, I try to advertise my product with myself first so that when people see me they will be like, 'I like your skin. What are you using?'

“Then, I can tell them what I use and how to get them. And if they cannot afford my own products, I can give them something within their range. That is on the one hand.

“On the other hand, I'd say I do a lot of things to keep fit. I exercise. Sometimes, instead of driving down to the shop, I walk. I take water a lot. I take fruits. I try as much as possible to abstain from junks. I do skin treatment twice a month. I am religious with my beauty regimen," she hinted.

She also revealed the reasons she also sells and supplies s3x enhancements as part of her beauty package.

"We need to face the truth. We run away from certain important things, especially when it concerns our s3x lives. And I think it is high time we faced them. I sell s3x toys, lubricants and other such things I can't mention here for the sake of kids who might be reading.

“But truth is, families need some of these products to maintain their relationship. For instance, you want to meet your woman and find her very dry. What do you do? I have lubricants. Your husband might not be able to satisfy you in bed and instead of sleeping around you can use a toy to save your marriage.

“I am not into the drug aspect of s3x enhancement. I am more into the tools for s3x enhancement," she added.

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