Celebrity | 1 August 2015 14:11 CET

I Take 3 Bottles of Red Wine a Day… Sir Victor Uwaifo

Veteran musician, Sir Victor Uwaifo, better known as the guitar boy, has expressed that he does not know what they sickness because he has never been sick all his life.

The singer stated that if people regulate their body system, they will not have to be afraid of sickness.

He further revealed that he has never smoked and does not drink until recently when he started taking red wine and can finish three bottles in a day.

“I don't know what they call headache; I don't know what it means to have stomach upset. I have never been sick in my life and I thank God for that because it is not by my power but by the grace of God. I also do my best to keep my health. I have never smoked in my life. Cigarette has never touched my lips, let alone smoke it. I don't drink until recently when I started drinking red wine. I only drink when I eat. I have been taking beverages all my life for the past 60 years and I still take them. Sometimes, I take up to three bottles a day. When people talk of diabetes, I laugh because it cannot happen to me. You don't have to be afraid of diabetes if you regulate your system. I do exercises to burn the sugar. I don't have to see a doctor to tell me what I need to keep me fit. I am not used to taking drugs,” he told Punch.

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