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Exclusive: Iyanya,Ubi Franklin Alleged Fraud Saga: Management Replies German Event Organizer

The controversies surrounding the European tour of Nigerian singer, Iyanya, is not far from over as one of the management team the Triple MG record label, decided to speak to on the truth of what actually transpired between the organizers of the show and the music team.

It was discovered that the brain behind the whole news, Mr. Alwin Williams, had nothing to do with the show rather could not keep to his promise of refunding the flight money he had promised to refund after the music team missed their flight due to some reasons best known to them.

Ubi Franklin was alledged to have collected more money without completing their European tour, how true is that?

That's not true. We completed six shows and the reason why we did not complete the last show is because we were not paid for the last show and the guy that released the story isn't anyone relevant to the story because he had nothing to do with the tour. There are two of his business partners that had something to do with the tour and are currently begging us not to do anything like retaliating. So for him to release a story like that is certainly not true. What you need to ask him is, how much did he put into the tour?

What he actually said is that 12 million naira was already spent on the show?

From his pocket? Ask him why haven't his business partners that invested heavily in the tour said anything? That is just a simple question you have to ask him.

Is it true that the Alwin of a guy came all the way down to Nigeria to make the whole visa preparations for Iyanya and Ubi?

Yes, it's true he came to Nigeria.

Is it true Iyanya and Ubi did not have their passport photographs ready and had to take passports outside the embassy?

That's just rubbish. These are two grown adults and this is not the first time they are receiving visas. They have every visa you can think of, you don't need anybody to fly from another country to help two grown men with visas. It was his choice to have flown all the way to Nigeria as no one asked him to come to Nigeria to come and take two men to the embassy, that was very stupid of him to have said that. He is telling me he got into a plan all the way from Europe just to come and get two men to go and get visa, he is very stupid for saying that.

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Is it true that Ubi collected 5.4million naira for the show?

That's very untrue. If we want to talk about the whole story, there are so many people involved and we will be here for the next two days. He made a payment of 3.4million to the guy that got him the contract, I can't remember his name, we asked the guy and he said he paid 3.4 million, they took five hundred thousand (500,000) for booking fee and they gave Ubi 2.9 million, so please do your mathematics, where did the 5.4million naira come from?

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The guy also pointed accusing finger at Ubi's girlfriend that part of the money, 5,000,000 naira was used to get her the engagement ring?

He is a big fool, he is a big fool, he is a big fool. The engagement thing happened before the tour started. He is a big fool. One thing I should let you guys know is that you shouldn't be getting stories from people who are jobless. Ask him how much he invested in the tour, zero? Listen, I can munch all the chat messages we have had with this guy where he has been begging me to do shows when he knows he has our outstanding balance. Okay, ask him what about all the money that is in his wife's account? Ask him to produce all the outstanding money that he owes. Almost 12,000 euros he owes us from the shows. Tell him to go to his wife's account and bring it. Tell him to go and pay the person that did the visa for us, tell him to go and pay that person first about 6,800euros tell him to go and pay that person first before he starts releasing stupid stories. You should have asked him why has his other business partners not come out to say anything, he is very stupid.

Also, Iyanya and Ubi were also accused of not wanting to fly with Economic class flight but preferred Business class flight despite the fact that Economic class has already been booked for them and they prefer direct flight all through without any stoppage?

Bro, it's just common business sense. If I am within Europe and the contracts states that all tickets are Business class before we leave Nigeria it's there in the contract. Listen, without any contract, there wouldn't have been any show. Our agreement was that when we get to Europe, he pays us the full balance that was remaining and we still continued the show without collecting all our balance. Everything he is saying is void.

Is it true that Iyanya and Ubi were just moving to London without staying where they were scheduled to stay?

Ask him that did he take care of us the weeks that we were not having show? No.

But he said you guys stayed in a 5 Star hotel and all your needs including feeding was taken care of?

Tell him to produce the 5star hotel receipt. Tell him to show you the statement of account of every money that came out of his pocket to pay for the tour. Speak to his business partners, ask how much they invested and then you will know what is going on.

So what was the main reason why Iyanya did not perform on the last show?

He was being owed money from the shows and he is still owing us money for the flight. We missing the flight was not our fault, he agreed that he will refund the money. Ubi paid for our flight and he said he will refund the money that was our verbal and whatsapp agreement that money was still outstanding but had nothing to do with the last show. The last show hasn't been paid for and other previous show were outstanding, it had nothing to do with that. The show was completed. The first agreement in the contract was six shows that was completed. If we go to court, there was no seven shows on the contract. The seventh show came out just before we came for the tour. We did not complete the seventh show because we were not paid for it simple.

Missing your Flight, whose fault was it?

We didn't deliberately miss our flight; there was a good reason why we missed our flight that I don't have to go into that. It was agreed by both parties that he will refund the money we used to come to us but he did not refund that money and it is still outstanding and four shows is still outstanding that he has not paid and he did not pay for the seventh show. Ask him to show you the receipt of the hotels that we stayed in, he never paid for anything that has to do with the show.

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