Hot Issues | 12 April 2015 14:37 CET

Actress Bimbo Akintola Denies Fighting With Shop Attendant At The Mall Over Petty Change


News hit us earlier this week that actress Bimbo Akintola was involved in a fight with a shop attendant of a shop located at Palms, Lagos.

According to an eye witness, the wahala started when Bimbo bought something from a shop and the shop attendant didn't have N300 balance to give to the actress.

Bimbo, insisted she would collect her balance and went to the extent of telling the attendant that she would help her look for change.

“The attendant waited for a long time and didn't see Bimbo. After some time, she saw Bimbo climbing up to the cinema and she went to meet her there and insisted the actress should give her the money. That was when the fight started,” the eye witness said.

Speaking with Saturday Beats, the actress said:

“This thing happened about three weeks ago and nobody said anything about it. The lady attacked my sister and that is what happened. It did not happen to me but to my sister. She kept our change for over two hours and my sister demanded for the change. Although my sister later gave somebody the change anyway, it did not happen to me and my sister is not an actress.”

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