Spotlight | 23 March 2015 20:43 CET

Rita Dominic Keeps Fans Confused Over ‘Mystery’ Ring

Fans of talented and fashionable Nollywood actress, Rita Dominic are already thrown into confusion over the sighting of a ring on one of her fingers, which some say is not just a fashion accessory, but something more than that.

The actress was spotted with a ring on her finger and some of her fans have started asking questions and hoping the news they have been longing for will hit the media soon.

At a movie premiere held over the weekend, observed that Rita Dominic flaunted the ring on her left finger, which looked like an engagement ring.

Rita Dominic has kept her love life away from the media and the general public for a long time. In an interview, she was once quoted to have said that her past experience made her to keep her relationship from the public.

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