Radio N Tv | 5 March 2015 09:28 CET

Eku Edewor Sheds Light On 'Child Labour' Allegation

Source: Titilope Adeuja/

On-Air Personality, Eku Edewor was recently featured alongside Syndi8 Records boss, Lynxxx on the lifestyle cover of a popular newspaper, ThisDay, depicting the culture of the South-South region of Nigeria.

Both celebrities were shown in the picture of the cover dressed in a bride and groom native attires and ornaments worn in that part of the country.

But little did the fair-skinned lady know that the images would be interpreted as offensive to the sensibilities of her dark coloured fans.

Those who have reacted to the photographs claimed the picture bothers on 'slavery' and 'child labour' and critics have expressed their frustrations on it.

But she has reacted to the issue, explaining what the image actually means.

"An image depicts younger members of society helping a young bride as she walks the short distance to her new home.

"They carry small cases, some are relatives, wrapped in newly printed fabric to represent the bride's family.

"Other images reveal the beauty of our attire, our traditional dress, Jewellery and the beauty of our landscape,” she explained via Twitter.

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