Press Release | 22 January 2015 17:44 CET

Buhari's School Mates Defend His Credentials, Confirm They Are Authentic

Source: Maryjane Ezeh/

To collaborate the story Muhammadu Buhari recently made public about his certificate, the President of Nigeria's Court of Appeal between 1999 and 2009, Justice Umaru Abdullahi, has said he sat for the West African School Certificate exams in 1961 with the APC's presidential candidate.

Justice Abdullahi, 75, confirmed that he and a few other prominent Nigerians were Mr. Buhari's classmates at the Provincial Secondary School, Katsina (now Government College, Katsina) and that the APC candidate was among the most brilliant students then.

“I, Buhari and some others had the best results during our final examinations in secondary school back then.He was a very brilliant student in school, no doubt; we attended the same school from primary to secondary school," he said.

It was also reported that a retired Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Coomasie, attested to Buhari's attendance and graduation from Katsina Provincial College. “While we were in school, Buhari was the head boy. He loves playing football. We were all close friends in school.

After we finished secondary school, General Buhari decided to join the military, I joined the police and Justice Abdullahi decided to go to the university.

I, the late Shehu Yar'Adua, the late Halilu, a Grand Khadi in Katsina, Senator Abdul Ali, a
Senator in the 2nd Republic and several other attended the same school.

Messrs Abdullahi and Coomassie spoke following the controversy over Mr. Buhari's academic credentials.

It could be recalled that the controversy over Mr. Buhari's result escalated on Tuesday, January 20 after the Nigerian Army, which had earlier admitted to having copies of his certificate, reversed itself, saying it could not even attest to the details listed in his records.

Few hours later, the APC candidate's statement of result, as well as a master list from the University of Cambridge containing the results of his classmates were made public putting to shame the claims of the opposition party.

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