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Mobile Phones: A Curse or A Blessing?

Source: Aina Tolulope/Nollywoodgists.com

In the twenty first century, mobile phones are having such a large impact that they have become an in inevitable part of our society. Nowadays, it is the norm in town and villages to see people tapping on their cell phones. The so called device makes communication easier such hat everyone is constantly in touch with others. This has been achieved through phone calls and the recent birth of text messages.

Smart phones, the latest kind of mobile phones continue to enhance communication, mostly through its internet feature and other function of a computer embedded in it.

Regardless the amazing functions of mobile phones, it is right to posit that the new device is the new god of the modern society. People are now found so addicted to their cell phones such that they cannot do a minute without it. The potential impact of this addiction is that reasonable time which could be used on creative things would be wasted on the device.

Among the disadvantageous effect of mobile is its common use while driving. Generally, it is agreed that using hand held device like mobile phones while driving is a distraction that bring risk of road accident. No wonder, over a thousand deaths incurred from road accidents were recorded to be caused by mobile phones in Japan, 2009.

In 2011, BBC reported that mobile phones has brought about an anti social behavior such that because people do not have to answer to face – to – face consequences, its easier to engage in abuse and other anti social behavior.

Research has also revealed numbers of health problems associated with mobile phones. Amongst is a report by WHO admitting that mobile phones might indeed cause cancer, classifying radio frequencies emitted from phones as “possibly carcinogenic to humans”. Another surveillance report of eleven different studies has revealed that a four minute call on a mobile phone can heat up the ear which hereby increases the body temperature and ultimately, affecting the brain.

Recently, it has also been revealed by another surveillance report that keeping a phone in the pocket for longer hours does radiate the skin, with possibly of causing damage to man's fertility.

Adeyinka, a student argued that his mobile phone is more of a liability to him considering the cost of monthly internet subscriptions, call rates, frequent charging and repair when faulty.

From the foregoing analysis, it would have been right to deduce that mobile phones are more of a curse than a blessing. Moreover, it would be negligent to forgo the fact that mobile phones are life savers. It's usefulness in emergency situations is undisputed. The map feature on smart phones makes finding a location easier and faster, not to talk of emergency calls available on all phones. Would we say it is a curse in this instance?

Whatever your position in this argument, it is noteworthy that mobile phones could be a curse or a blessing. The individual user determines.

Notwithstanding, do you think mobile phones is a curse or otherwise to you?

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