General News | 8 August 2008 20:23 CET

Emeka Ike Has No Right To Speak For AGN -Asiegbu

By Alayande Dayo

Popular actor, Emeka Ike, seems to have made himself the spokesperson of the Actors' Guild of Nigeria (AGN). A national paper recently published what the actor said about Digital Satellite Television (DStv). He was quoted to have claimed that DStv, has contributed immensely to the woes of the Nigerian movie industry, and called on the government to fund movie marketers in order for the industry to develop.

In his words: "DStv is one of the greatest woes of Nollywood. They play our movies back-to-back until they lose their economic value. And they don't even pay us royalties."

His recent comment on behalf of AGN, about the distribution framework by the National Film and Video Censors Board (NFVCB)seems to have infuriated the body's president Ejike Asiegbu who quickly declared to Saturday Independent, "no one has the right to represent the interest of actors except the executives. The marketers have not said they are not interested in the distribution framework, so Emeka Ike has no right to say anything regarding the matter."

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