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Ini Edo: Ex-Wife Curses Husband To Be

Source: staff writer

Phillip Ehiagwina is the US based businessman who is set to wed star actress, Ini Edo. His estranged first wife is Ruth Okoro ( She lives in New York, USA where she ekes out a living indulging in some modeling and acting jobs). She has been telling the world how their marriage crashed, entertaining us with the scandalous and salacious tales that painted the auto dealer as a wicked, insensitive and opportunistic young man. Pressed to the wall, the Edo born man threw it back at her in an exclusive interview he granted us.

He labeled her an adulterous woman, ungrateful wretch, fake model amongst other unprinted names. But Ruth will have none of that. She's ready and ever willing to fight back and clear her name.

Phillip, in an interview with us, said that he has divorced you formally?

I can't remember asking him, neither was I there to know what he did. All I know is that am a single and still surviving without him.

Were you really divorced on the grounds of infidelity? Because he also alleged that you moved in with a male partner who was responsible for your pregnancy?

Not at all. Of all Phillip Ehiagwina had done to me, this was the most hurtful. Even as I remember lying on that hospital bed, going through miscarriage, watching the pieces of our unborn child flushed away due to his negligence and infidelity. A child that I wanted badly, after battling cancer. For him to deny his own and claim otherwise, I am certain he will never know peace, joy or the happiness of a father. I know I am not God, neither is it a curse. He can call me names, and tell all manner of lies against me, but for him to go that far, is unthinkable.

I left Nigeria for my base on the 18th of May,2008. On the 15th the same month, he called my Nigeria line, requesting to have a meeting with me. I declined. He had his siblings call me, knowing I will not dishonor their invitation. He asked that we be friends again and leave all this behind us and he apologized to me before his family, mine and me, for neglecting me when I was pregnant with his unborn baby. I gave him an ultimatum, to confess all. He couldn't face it as usual. So, I bluntly refused his request and walked out of the meeting. Here, he is narrating all these lies out of frustration. Why wait till now?

When his niece died, her husband was blamed completely for treating her badly. He blamed him the most with hatred, but then it was very alright for the same Phillip to treat someone else's daughter the same way with no conscience, when he was given an opportunity to repent, what did he do? Cook up lies against me to cover his wrongs. How evil can a man be?

He said he showed you love when you were living together, true or false?

Yes, he showed a lot of concern when I was diagnosed of cancer. I never disputed that. But was it genuine? He arrived NYC with few T-shirts and pants, no money. He even borrowed to buy his ticket. I came to the realization that he did it because he had nothing to hold onto, and he confessed it. He had no job authorization, no green card, no social security, no proof of residence. Not even a certificate to help him get a job. All he did was to spend repeated years in Edo State, studying, no, not medicine, not engineering, none of that, but French, with a horrible result. He confessed with his own mouth how he deceived me into marrying him to obtain his green card. Not only was I told but also heard it with my own wars with proofs. How can someone confess what is not true with his own mouth when he wasn't forced and why would I not believe what I heard from the horse's mouth?

Were you sleeping with his friends as he alleged?

Was that all he insinuated? Wow! I am surprised. Coming from a man who has said all manner of evil concerning the woman who once meant the world to him, I should have expected him to also insinuate that I had something of a physical nature with not only friends of his but family members, well wishers, even strangers as well. It's not his fault. He's desperate for fame and frustrated.

He said you are a fake model, what is the truth?

Really? What won't he say! By the grace of God, designers still think am hot and good enough to model. So, does he wish he never left this epitome of beauty who now looks better than he could have imagined.

Phillip said he brought you up and paid your bills.

Guess he's better than Santa Claus. Huh! With the little tip he was making while living with his brother and helping him send young, innocent girls to Italy for prostitution, before he came into my life and became born again in quotes? Or is he claiming to be my father and not the man who deceived me for 10 years?

Well, whatever it is, time will tell. What responsible man will say things as dumb as that? Even if he did buy me stuff once in a while, of course, as my man, would he come out so cheaply with no pride and dignity reserved for a man? Gosh!!! Hopefully, every audio, pictures and other proofs necessary, including letters from him etc, will be showed to the public, when I visit to prove how honest he is. Since that's the way he wants it

He said you wrote Ini Edo with a pen name, Christel, what's the truth?

True. That is my nickname that most of my friends call me. I wrote her in 2007 when I heard she was sleeping around with a man I was still legally married to. A man I had invested all I had on, so we could build our lives together. Unfortunately, I had vowed to marry him for better for worse and besides, I didn't care if Ini Edo had been sleeping with other married men, or how many she had slept with and got away with. All I cared about was my marriage and the 10 years I had put into his life. I wasn't gonna seat and watch another woman reap from where she did not sow, cancer or not. I didn't fight because he deserved it, but because of the marital vows. Now, my conscience is clear because I did what I had to do, but he had his mind made up when he walked out of my life, thinking I would not live to tell my story.

He talked about you forging his signatures to file taxes?

I didn't have to. He needs to get his facts straight. Since I brought Philip to the United States, I've been filling my taxes with his name as a married couple. Even when he had no job. All my tax agent had to do was pull up my account and I filled in our names. If there was any sign that we were divorced when I filled my taxes, it would have shown my entry as divorces, being that we both have social security numbers. At least to best of my knowledge.

He mentioned the FBI…

Talking about FBI, I hope he has also informed them of the information we got recently through a source well known to him, who accused him of lying to me when I was going through chemotherapy in NYC, family members and even the police in 2004, when he was shot by unknown gunman in Houston Texas; got a free medical attention, few months after he arrived the States and gave us and the police false report, hiding the real fact to why he was shot. I personally had a lot of unanswered questions and doubts because of his unpredictable character and the desperation to make money when I was indisposed. But I hope to get answers myself. We will all find out together soon.

Love is blind, they say. I choose to overlook all his mistakes and stood by him anyway. Phillip knows his most deepest and darkest secrets which I have promised not to discuss. But it seems he's pushing me to the wall. Sooner or latter, he will leave me with no option but to let it all out. Yes, I'm extremely hurt by all he did to me, I'm human! I'm trying so hard to console myself and put it aside and move on with my life. But he wouldn't let me.

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