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My Doctor Advised Me To Reduced The Load On My Chest– Afrocandy

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Having big b**bs is one thing most girls would do anything to get, and many of them have gone through b**bs enlargement just to make it big. But the opposite seems to be the case for Nollywood star Afrocandy as she has revealed that she would need to medically have her b**bs reduced for health related reasons.

According to her, the breast reduction surgery is necessary because the large size of her b**bs and it's resulting heaviness is causing her a lot of back pain.

Speaking to Saturday Tribune, Afrocandy added that it was a necessary move as advised by her doctor.

"I have been having back pain lately, and when I went to my doctor for that, he said I was carrying load on my chest; that's what's causing it.

"Also, I can't jog, run, jump rope or dance as I would like to without being conscious of the bouncing b**bies. So,

"I wanna be able to do all that and be pain-free, that's why I need this surgery; she explained.

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