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By By Carol Arhere

Celebrities are some of the most pampered people in the world. They have access to the best products and services including stylists and make-up artists, which makes it easy for them to look absolutely amazing on a daily basis.
KateBut even celebrities are fond of bargains and unconventional beauty tips. Just because celebrities have access to a plethora of expensive beauty products doesn't mean that all celebrities choose to use expensive beauty products.

Some celebrities go for good but inexpensive beauty products and it goes well with them because of their celebrity status while others prefer the expensive ones, probably because of the name the products carry or basically because they can afford them.Some celebrities share their beauty secrets with Allure readers.

Oge Okoye (Nollywood star) has this to say about her beauty routine: I use Makari beauty products; the full range. I go for my facials about twice a month and every other thing about my body like waxing because I don't joke with my body. I go for body massage once a week. I do my gym exercises at home because, I have one here in my house.

So, I don't need to go out for that. I dedicate one and half hours to the gym every morning and during the week. Sometimes, I go for swimming. I love swimming a lot and it also helps me to keep fit.

On my diet, I watch what I eat but whenever I feel bloated, I go on fruits only; no solid food for about a week. It's quite hard but honestly rewarding. It helps me to go down drastically.

Also, I must wash my face every night before I go to bed.
Celebrities are known for their glamour and grace as well as their trend-setting looks. We have revealed the secrets of their beauty so, you too can glow like them.

CEO of Rose of Sharon, Mrs Folorunsho Alakija says: I make sure I keep my skin clean and I avoid using soap on my face. I use muse to clean my face everyday after which I use a toner and a moisturizer.

I wear very light make up. I use Compact Fashion Fair foundation combination powder. I highlight my eye brow lightly and I wear a lipstick also. I make sure the lipstick colour goes with my skin. I also make sure I use different masks to clean my face every other day. I use Sissley powder for my face (a French beauty product).

I buy them from England and I use their body lotions too. Apart from that, I also use Fair and White beauty products from time to time to tone my skin. I go to the hair salon every week to change my hair style so as to change my looks.

On Exercise? I visit the gym Mondays through Fridays and I spend a minimum of one hour there. I have a massier who comes to my house three times a week to massage my body. On my diet, I watch what I eat unlike before when I eat anything that comes my way whenever I'm hungry. These days, I make sure I watch every little piece of food that goes into my system.

Debbie Horneker, CEO of Runway Dream Modeling Agency: I love nice body products, really nice products. I'm not really a make up person but I would say I love really nice perfumes; at least to smell nice at all times. And then, my lip gloss.

I don't really do much exercise because, I'm naturally a very slim person. So, I don't really do much (exercise) to enhance my shape but little for health sake. Also, I take plenty of water and watch my diet.

Benita Nzeribe, Nollywood actress, model and interior decorator: I use Mary Kay's sun block cream during the day, when I have to go out in the sun. For make up, I stick to Mac beauty products (powder, lip gloss and other products in the range).

I use Mary Kay body cream; the complete range and I must visit the spa at least once a month.I watch my food and drink plenty of water. I do some exercise to keep fit.

Princess Kathy Emiko, certified fitness and nutritional coach and CEO, Bodyperfect - a weight loss centre: I use good body products but above all, I use Christian Dior blue mascara.

On her diet: I watch what I eat because I used to be very fat so there is the tendency for me to be fat again. I am careful about the food I eat. I don't eat every thing that comes my way. Also, I take more of fruits and vegetables.
About her figure: I do exercise regularly. To Kathy, beauty is not only from the outside but also from the inside.

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