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My Husband Is The Best In The Whole World–Angela Okorie

By Christian Agadibe

Ex-Delta Soap model and actress, Angela Okorie, hit Nollywood in 2009 after she had her breakthrough on the set of Holy Serpent. Ever since, the actress has continued to grow from strength to strength.

In this interview with The Entertainer, she talks about her career, family and how her husband has been a pillar of support. Excerpts:

Tell us about your tattoos?

These are things you do when you are much younger and growing up as a teenager because you're curious and you want to experiment with everything. I was seeing people's tattoos so I went and got one. Nothing is really attached to it though; that's the only tattoo I have. I guess I will soon take it off because I am tired of it already.

Were you born with a silver spoon?

(Laughing) We were not really rich but we were okay; we were not lacking. My parents trained us very well. I am from a family of five and I`m the third child. I am a very industrious person. I have always seen myself working hard. I don't believe in lazing away and getting money from my parents. I got admission at the age of 17 and started modeling with Delta Soap at the age of 18.

I was a model with Delta Soap for close to 10 years. And now I am an actress so I have always been an independent woman from the beginning. I hate laziness and I always get everything I want by myself; I am a goal getter.

Before you made it, did you ever try the sex-for-role thing like a lot of girls do?

I never did sex-for-role! Why should I do that to get a script? I am helping the producers to make money so why should I do sex-for-role? Once my face is on the poster of a movie, it's a must watch, to God be the glory!

There are so many people that have stayed up to two decades in the industry yet they don't have the opportunities I have had. Even if I act only a scene in a movie, producers will still put me on the poster. Why? Because they want to use my face to sell the film.

What about the home front. How do you cope?

It has not been easy but my husband is the best in the whole world. He doesn't complain but it is a natural thing for him to complain sometimes because he is a man. He got married to a beautiful wife most men would love to have. He could be jealous but he understands me; he has become used to it. We have been able to manage the whole thing and he understands me and he has been very supportive; in fact, he is my best friend.

Any free time I have I am always at his side and I try to put my house in order. I spend more time with him than on my job and my producers understand that. Sometimes when there's a clash I tell my producers, 'this is my family we are talking about; I have to go and see my husband'. My dear, it has not been easy doing all these; modeling, acting, taking care of family and nursing a child among others.

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