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Diamonds Don’t Last Forever. Sorry My Dear, We Have Been Duped!

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My Dear,

Sorry, we have been duped. Diamonds don't last forever.

Ira Weissman has exposed the scam of the De Beers who fooled the entire Hollywood and the rest of the world to believe that diamonds can last forever when the truth is that diamonds “can chip, shatter, and be incinerated”.

Dr. Wayne Taylor, diamond expert and mineralogist from the Research School of Earth Sciences (RSES) confirmed what Weissman said.

“Most diamonds never see the light of day, but are dissolved and recycled back into shifting masses of rock deep within the earth”.

He noted that diamonds do last a very, very long time and the oldest are about 3.5 billion years old, or three quarters the age of the earth itself. And that must be why the De Beers' must have concluded that they last forever.

Well if our love can even last long, that would be forever enough for mere mortals.

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