Interviews | 13 January 2013 23:02 CET

My ‘wife’s’ death: The true story –Ekwe Stereoman

By Christian Agadibe

When Sunday Osakuni popularly known as Ekwe Originnal Stereoman set out to concort an affair with the mother of his child, little did he know that the relationship would land him into trouble and ultimately into prison.

Perhaps, if the musician had hearkened to the advice of the elders to be careful of 'talent-killing women', he wouldn't have found himself in a terrible situation when his 'wife' suddenly died. Perhaps.

In a rare encounter with TS Weekend, the Delta State-born artiste opened up on the event that led to the death of his 'wife', his arrest and detention, and then eventual release. Ekwe also recounted his experiences with his in-laws and how some prominent lawyers had backed him up. Excerpts :

How was your growing up ?

I was very stubborn when growing up. I grew up in Warri and you know that Warri is tough. There, everybody wants to make money overnight, children inclusive. Everyone wants to wear good clothes and live good life without working for it. I attended four different primary schools and four different secondary schools. After staying in a secondary school for some time, some of us would say, 'this school no dey size me again o', then we will leave for another one. I was very stubborn but as time went by, I talked to myself and I changed.

Your wife died, what actually happened?

What happened was that the woman had a baby for me several years back and we were not together for two years, suddenly she died. The family started accusing me, that I was the one they suspected, that I was the one that killed the girl.

I have been out of prison for some months. Right now, I am going out to perform in an event. I've always been travelling and coming in since I was left off the hook. I am okay now.

How were you exonerated ?

We thank the Lord. The Federal Ministry of Justice defended me and I am out now. Aside this, Festus Keyamo was there to safe me. Yeah, a lot of lawyers fought for me because I didn't do anything to her. They all backed me up in the case but thank God I am free, I have no case to answer.

Everyone knew her as your wife, why then saying she's not your wife?

No African man can tolerate a woman who doesn't have good character. We had separated for long and we weren't living together for two years. I didn't marry her legally. We had a relationship and from there she got pregnant. When she had the baby she started claiming that she's my wife. I am from Niger Delta, any woman that is not submissive we don't keep her at home. I told her to leave, that I didn't want her again. I didn't set my eyes on her for long until when I heard that she died. Then I was in Holland during Easter time. They now said that I was the one that killed her. That's how the case started. I went there to identify with the sister that this corpse was my former woman. That's how I got to State CID in Panti, Lagos.

Did you suspect any foul play in her death?

Something happened and you suppose to feel bad about it but the family didn't want to understand it in that way. They wanted to kill me; they wanted to put me in jail.

What is your relationship with her family?

I don't have any relationship with her family right now because I don't really care about them.

Before her death, when the going was good, how was your relationship with her?

My ex always called me 'honey'. It's always like that with women but the man wey dey house naim know wetin dey inside. Woman na woman. They will still misbehave. But what you do is straighten her head up. I call it 'spiritual coding'. You talk to her, advise her, and pet her. I am not too good at womanizing. Elderly musicians have always advised me to be careful about women because, according to them, they have the spirit that could kill my talent. So, I took their advice because they have been there before me. I tried to learn from other people's mistakes.

What about your baby, the child she had for you?

I love my baby though it has been long I saw her. They can let me take care of her. They are with the baby. I don't even know where they are right now. It's not that I don't want the custody of my child, but they are fighting me.

Why should they think that you're the one that killed her?

I don't know. Maybe because we are not a couple anymore. They felt I'm the one that killed her but they are mistaking. Even people that marry legally do divorce let alone when you talk about casual relationship. A woman had a baby for me but her character was not good and I asked her to leave, is that a bad thing ?

What is the lesson you have learnt from the situation?

I have learnt quite some lessons. In life, we learn every day. What happened to me I don't pray it happens to another person. I have learnt a lot of lessons from it.

We don't hear about you any more, why?

I traveled out of the country, I just came back. As you can see , I am busy now by the grace of God, I am going to drop my hip hop and R&B albums very soon.

Are you coming with something different?

Yeah! Something very different. Just watch out for the albums, they are going to be released by February and March next year.

When did you start your music career?

I started music from the early age of 17. As a child, I was a cultural dancer. I used to sing traditional songs and later discovered that I could sing reggae. I went from reggae to hip hop and to African dancehall style, that's how I started.

Was there any time you wanted to quit music?

I have never had such in mind. I am a fashion designer and tailor by profession but music is my inspiration which I enjoy doing most.

What is the source of your inspiration in music?

It is my ability and agility. I don't think alcohol or Igbo (India hemp) and cocaine can give anybody inspiration. It is an in-built thing. You can as well take anything, but for me, I don't believe in that.

Can you allow your child to play music like you?

Yes, that's my prayer.

How many women do you have in your life now?


What is your impression about sex?

Sex! If I want to have sex, I can have sex, that is it.

How frequent do you do that?

It is when I want to do it. Spiritually, sex doesn't give any inspiration. It is either diminishing your career or…

Are you a spiritual person?

Of course, surely I am. Every human being is spiritual before physical. What we don't know is bigger than what we know or see in physical life.

Did your parents try to discourage you from playing music?

It was a tradition in those days. They wanted me to be good to their own understanding. They never wanted me to play music because they thought most musicians smoke marijuana and live reckless life. But when they saw that I had good talent and the money was flowing they played along with me.

What has music changed in your life?

I made money and I am still going to make more. I am highly excited that I got talent. Today, I am successful by the grace of God.

What is your advice to those that look up to you?

My advice is that everybody must respect God and live a straight life. That is all I can say.

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