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My Affair With Ojb Goldie Opens Up

R&B/Hip-Hop act, Goldie (Susan Harvey) has denied ever dating frontline producer/R&B singer, OJB Jezreal.

In a no-holds-barred chat with us last week in Lagos, Goldie described as wicked, rumours making the rounds that she was having a 'full blown affair' with OJB.

“It is tragic how far people can go to fabricate lies. I was in the UK last July when word reached me that I was sleeping with OJB. They said that we went on honeymoon in the UK and I was so 'head over heals' and that I bought him a car.

“Let me use this opportunity to clear the air once and for all. OJB and I are doing nothing but business. That we are seen together does not mean that we are dating. He produced some of the tracks on my album. Besides, we were also working on a TV show together.”

It would be recalled that the source of the rumours could be traced to her steamy video, 'Komole,' in which she and the singer did a steamy dance scene.

To this she said: “My fear is that if people see me in that light, I would not be taken seriously. The only thing that people would see in me is sex and that is not what I am all about. You don't judge a book by its cover.”

Early years

According to Goldie, who is the first of four kids born to two bankers, growing up was rosy. She had all she desired but she wasn't allowed to wear trousers. Her life revolved around church, school and church.

The strict Christian upbringing made her live by the norms but deep inside, she was crying for expression. “I was in the choir with my mum but I never knew that I would someday go into music. Back in the day I always came back home with good grades but I was a 'bully nerd.' I was not allowed to express myself at home nor allowed to grow my hair. I was a tomboy. All my friends had boobs and I was flat chested and I knew that boys would not toast me so there was a lot of frustration and I took it out on the boys. Woes betide the boy that crossed my path. Since I was not allowed to express myself at home, it spilled over to the school playground. I got physical with the boys and beat up any one that crossed my path.”

First crush, first kiss…

Despite her flat chestedness, boys soon began to notice her. According to her, the first time she had a kiss, she experienced butterflies in her stomach like every teenager would but developed cold feet after she discovered that her 'knight in shining amour' was 'a hit and run star.'

“It was my friend's elder brother and I thought, Oh, How cute! I was infatuated and proud. I showed him off to all my friends and all the while, his sister was encouraging me.

“We had the first kiss at the end of the year party that year. I had been hearing about sex but I was not allowed to have friends except those that I met in church, So, I lived in a world of fantasy where I saw my knight in shining amour coming to sweep me off my feet. I soon discovered that 'Mr. Lover' was after my virginity so I let him go.”

Chewing the 'big apple'

“The first time I had sex was very painful,” she recollected. “I had been hearing a lot of stories of what it was like to take a roll in the hay but it was a painful experience for me. For a very long time, I stayed off it. That was until I got to the UK and found a stable relationship.”

Most painful experience

Goldie lost her mum to cancer when she was 10 years-old. Today, years after, she says that her late mum was not there for her when she needed her most thus creating a vacuum in her life: “I lost her when I needed someone to talk to. I never had anytime to learn from her or talk to her before the cold hands of death snatched her. She had terminal cancer and I watched her die slowly. It was a heart-breaking experience. Sometimes I wished that I could take her place and bear her pain. I washed chemotherapy reduce her to a shadow of herself.

“Loosing my mum when I needed her most remains my most painful experience. I lost her when I was on the verge of puberty, when I needed someone to talk to; someone who could explain the changes taking place in my body.'

“Mum was sweet, gentle and kind. She was a great singer. I think the music came from her. She could sing alto and soprano so well. One thing I remember her telling me was that 'do unto others what you want others to do to you.' I'd be fulfilled as a woman if I could be half of what she was.

“After her death, my dad remarried and I left Nigeria. That was in the late 1990s. He tried to fill the vacuum but it never quite worked, so I relocated to the UK.”

Life in the UK

Goldie is not 'blond and dumb!' She is a graduate of Business Administration from the University of Sunderland in the UK

“It started like a joke when three friends and I started singing together. Soon we were performing for friends and people said 'Hey you guys are good. How about getting a record deal? We were thrilled! We hit studios and did a dozen demos but after two years, we ran out of steam and went our separate ways.”

Meanwhile, she had an eye for business. She set up her own date reminder service, Harfil Global.

Daddy and I

With her mum out of the way, her dad is the only parent she has. How is he reacting to her choice of career?

“My dad is at home with my music. Initially, he insisted that I get my degree. He said that unless I had one, he would force me to sell pepper like a market woman. He was concerned about our education.”

Album project

Her debut album would be launched on November 10, 2007. However, two of her tracks, 'Komole' and 'Spin Me' are currently receiving massive spin on air.

Speaking about this, she said: “It is a project that's been in the works for a while now. I can assure my fans that by next month, my CDs would be in the market.” Tracks include 'Spin Me,' 'Komole,' 'Hopelessly Addicted,' 'Do You Love Me,' 'Nothing Has Changed' etc. Album launch is slated for 10 November. Fans should watch out for a 10 tracker with two bonus tracks.

“I sing about life, I sing about love though I am prone to fantasising a lot but I am generally practical. I draw inspiration from my experiences and what happens around me.”

Beauty routine

“I don't have a particular secret but I wash my face every morning when I wake up. I use 'Fashion Fare' because it goes with my skin type. I use lemon and tea to wash my face every morning to eliminate excess oil and then, I use natural honey to moisturize.”

Love life

“I am in a relationship right now and it's for keeps. My partner is very satisfied with me and I with him. He is not jealous of the fact that I have numerous male fans. In fact, it doesn't bother him. Being in a relationship is all about understanding your partner. We both understand each other. On stage I could go crazy but beneath all that, I am shy and very reserved.

“Like any young girl, I am looking to tying the knot someday. I am looking at four kids; two sets of twins, twice,” she concluded.

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