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SHOCKER!!! Rev. Chris Okotie’s Love Child Expose? Woman Claims 3 Abortions For Him

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Tioluwani, alleged love child of Rev. Chris Okotie

Tioluwani, alleged love child of Rev. Chris Okotie

According to a report gathered by from Aristocrat, funky man of God, Rev. Chris Okotie has been alleged of having a love child from a woman he put in a family way some years ago.

As it was reported by Aristocrat, after his first crashed marriage to Tina in 1998, some women jostled to become the woman in Okotie's life. Those highly rumoured to have been in hot romance with the 'Patrick Obahiagbon grammar brother' man of God were former Miss Nigeria, Vien Tetsola and one Pastor Elishanmah Ideh.

The report further said that many thought his romance with Vien would lead to marriage as he was said to have played a very influential role in her life. He was said to have bought a Volkswagen Bug Tetsola was driving then Also, Okotie was reported to have been instrumental during Vien's 30th birthday party held at the Sheraton Hotel, Lagos, a few years back where he even cut the cake with her.

It was on July 2008, as reported, that Chris Okotie announced to his church that he would be getting married soon.

The report further said that Stephanie was a widow of Pastor Chris Okotie's friend. He was said to have rented an apartment with a round-the-clock security for Stephanie at Marwa Gardens, Ikeja, Lagos for Stephanie.

He was also said to have also given her a security escort attached to his cars; a black Mercedes Benz Jeep and a black S Class Mercedes Benz.

As reported, not long after Rev. Okotie and Stephanie married, one woman named Remi Odutola surfaced alleging that she has a 9-year-old girl for the singer turned pastor and politician.

Quoting room the report, “My name is Aderemi Odutola, a granddaughter of Ogbeni Oja of Ijebu-Ode. I met Reverend Christopher Okotie in 1997. I was a young Pastor desperately looking for a good church where I could worship and God led me to the Household Of God.

“Then, I had a music ministry, and because he was an ace musician, I took him as my mentor and strongly believed that he would help me one day. Along the line, something happened. We started seeing each other and I've done abortion for him three times before I decided to leave the last one”.

Why did she leave the last pregnancy and why is she coming out nine years after? (Aristocrat)
“I left the pregnancy not for anything, but for the fact that he proposed to marry me. Initially, I didn't accept his proposal because of his wife, Tina. I couldn't have married a married man. But he told me that his marriage to Tina was on the brink of collapse. He lied to me!

“Trouble, however, started immediately I got pregnant. He started behaving funny, unlike the amiable Pastor I met sometime back. At times, I would call him, but he wouldn't pick or return my calls.”

'It dawned on me when I gave birth to our daughter that he was just a player. Ever since I gave birth to Tioluwani Okotie (our daughter), Reverend Chris has abandoned us in my family house in Opebi. It has not been easy at all taking care of our daughter all alone.”

Does he send money for the child's up-keep? (Aristocrat)

“Money? Whenever I call him that his daughter needs something, he will be dribbling me, giving me one excuse or the other. I was highly disappointed when I heard he eventually married Stephanie Henshaw, his late friend's wife. He did not marry me with all the things I have been through because of him.”

Aristocrat further reported that the church was visited by them and some church members who do not want their names to be mentioned confirmed that they have seen the little girl (Tioluwani) who shares a striking resemblance with the Pastor.

It was also reported that some have wondered at the resemblance the girl has with Rev. Okotie especially at the church's children's department at Household of God Church. The report also claimed that effort to contact Pastor Chris Okotie to confirm the story proved abortive as he did not pick their calls. hopes this story is not true.

Pastor Remi(alleged lover of Rev. Okotie) and daughter

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