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AUDIO: The $3 million conversation between Farouk and Otedola


AUDIO: The $3 million conversation between Farouk and Otedola

For those of you who have been asking for the famous Femi-Farouk bribe audio transcript, we have been working hard to bring it to you. Here you go – all of it!

Otedola: How are you sir? I don't want you to bring it to my house

Lawan: Oh, you'll take it to your house?

Otedola: No I don't want you to bring it to my house; it's a lot of money

Lawan: Err…so where? Because I'm rushing to the…they are at the airport now?

Otedola: Yes they are at the airport, in the aircraft

Lawan: And before they can come over now…unless I send somebody to the airport…but I was coming…I can't because by the time they come I should be in the chambers…I have a lot to do myself

Otedola: Is there anybody you trust I can give it to or maybe I should just…or maybe I should postpone my China trip tomorrow

Lawan: No, no…it's ok. I will arrange with someone…I would err…let me give you his number

Otedola: Ok

Lawan: Yeah. His number is 080

Otedola: Hold on, hold on 080

Lawan: 36

Otedola: 36

Lawan: 51

Otedola: 51

Lawan: 33

Otedola: 33

Lawan: 55

Otedola: 55. What's his name?

Lawan: Yea. TJ

Otedola: Sorry?

Lawan: Ah..teezay

Otedola: Ateezay?

Lawan: No. TJ

Otedola: Teezay?

Lawan: T…J

Otedola: TJ. Oh ok

Lawan: Yea TJ

Otedola: So I'll give him the balance. That's erm

Lawan: 240

Otedola: 2.5 million dollars

Lawan: Yea that's right. Hold on. Just hold on. I'm calling him just to be sure his phone is emm

Otedola: Ok. You'll take it to your house?

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