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My Relationship With Sikirat Sindodo - Malaika

By Bolatito

Alhaji Alao Malaika has been in music industry for quite a while. The light complexioned Fuji music act used this medium to talk extensively on his career, life and other sundry issues in the industry.

It has been rumoured that you supported Olohunwa against MC Olumo in the annuled election of Lagos NURTW?

I heard of it too as it spread around town like harmmathan fire. You know I'm a musician and I can only talk you about music not politics. I'm not a member of NURTW and I'm not into transportation business, so I don't get myself involved in their politiking.

I don't support or take sides; I'm a very close friend of the National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW) and Akanni Olohunwa is one of my most loyal fans likewise MC Oluomo. I can't dispute the fact that in my new album, I praised both of them and I have a cordial relationship with all of them, anything that is happening between both of them; could have be their personal headaches. I have never been part of the union.

What has been happening around you after the release of your new album Proper Music?

Thanks to Almighty Allah that the album was well received by music lovers all over the world. We have been up and doing, right now we are shooting the musical video of the album and about a month ago; I was in Dubai to celebrate my birthday courtesy of the Yoruba community there. Friends and loyal fans from Nigeria and came to honor me in Dubia with the listening party of the new album The Proper Music which we all had a great time at the Sheraton Deira.

Tell us about your new album Proper Music?

It is an album principally dedicated to the memory of the founder of Fuji music, late king Dr Sikiru Ayinde Barrister and it is about my experience in the world, it's an album consist of 4 tracks including Tribute to King of Fuji music and a track for my friend who recently passed-way months back, among other praise songs in the album, and ever-since it's released by Babalaje Music; it has sold millions of copies in Nigeria and around the world in general. Proper Music is my normal style of music, but a proper and unique beat and lyrics.

But in the tribute song to the Late Icon of Fuji, you used his voice, how do you come about that?

Barrister, deserved more than that, how I wish I could do better than what I did but I don't have much time, if you a talented musicians, you have to prove it, don't just leave it inside yourself, and that is what I just proved to my fans, that I can do much better than you what heard in my forthcoming album, don't get it twisted, am not trying to imitate his (Barister) voice, I just did that for his tribute song in the album, because he deserved more than that, even than any Fuji artiste has done for him, he is a legend in the music Industry.

Lately, you have been traveling abroad often, what can say about that?

It's all for the new album, Proper Music took me to London, France, Malaysia. Dubia, among others. I'm still going for album tour which will be starting after I must have satisfied my fans in Nigeria with the groove of my latest album, because they are my proper people.

So what should we be expecting after the release of Proper Music?

The Europe tour of the Proper Music. I want my fans to keep listen to Proper Music, because there are a lot in the album, not that I can't release new songs every week, but still want to give time and also find time to satisfy my fans that have been clamouring for my music home and abroad.

There has been a kind of re-branding of Malaika's style of music, why?

I don't think there is anything like rebranding, it's my new innovation, plan and all of such, when people see that you are improving on what you are doing everyday and it's doing great, they might actually call it Rebranding. I guess I'm just being innovatived about my style of music and I'm having a lager fan base as days goes by days, and I thank God for myself and my fans.

You released a single that involved two hip-hop artistes, what is the secret?

That is true, I released a single; featured Art Quake and Konga, I also shoot the video which featured a whole lot of Nigeria hip-hop acts, but in the new album, In Proper Music, I didn't see any need to do that. The album is also cool and it cuts across to my different kind of fans. There wasn't enough time to touch other things on the album. But it is all fun. I think there will be a lot of hip-hop acts in my next album, which will be projecting another dimension of me and my music.

What other business are you into?

I don't have any business doing apart from music, all I know is music, and if I'm going to go into any business at all, it will still be entertainment, it might be a recording outfit, marketing, distributing firm or other business related to showbiz, because that is what I know how to do best and I won't be cheat in it.

What is your relationship with Sikirat Sinidodo?

She is my very good friend; we are in the showbiz industry together.

She Confirmed in the public that she's in love with you, are you in love with her?

I love everybody that is created by Allah and who wants progress for me. She is created by God so I should love her as well.

Do you believe in Polygamy?

By virtue of my religion, I believe in polygamy. The holy Quran supports it just as our culture here in this part of the world also does.

What are you planning for your fans?

They should be on the look-out for Proper Music video which would come out soon. I am also working on a couple of singles that should be on the airwaves in a short time and very soon too a special album would be coming out. They should always expect the best from me.

So tell us how you relax, with your busy kind of schedule?

I relax like every other person, if I'm off work, I play video games, I chat with my friends on the micro-blogger network and to reach out to my fans; stay at home with my wife and kids and I read my Al'Quran, because it's the only expensive book to me in the world.

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