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Folks up in Sweden sure know how to grab their fun at the expense of the so-called social commentary on provocative issues like excision in Africa. The black blogosphere is abuzz over a cake. A cake? Yes., a cake. Not a simple plain cake that you bake yourself or one that you pick up from the bakery. This cake depicts a black African woman with a minstrel-esque face being sliced open in the g*nita*l region by Lena Adelsohn Liljeroth, a self-proclaimed anti-racist, who happens to be the Swedish minister of Culture.

In the video that was released, you see the minister cut and feed a part of the cake which represents the v*gi*a to the head of the woman while several established members of the Stockholm cultural elite watch, laugh and devour the body. Makode Aj Linde, a black Swede artist who's behind the concept, said that the cake was meant to be provocative social commentary on the issue of female circumcision in Africa as it is viewed by the West. He played the head of the cake and screamed in agony as the minister proceeded to slice the v*gi*a region of the cake.

We, at, understand that art is subjective while it's meant to be controversial. Its purpose is to challenge the social norms and shake our foundations, art is supposed to make us uncomfortable. We get that part. What we don't get is why do things need to escalate to this level to make a point on the tragedy that is excision?

Has Linde achieved his objective?

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