Nollywood Blogs | 19 April 2012 18:08 CET



You are invited to a birthday bash and in the heat of the fun, you see all the guys gazing at the cake.

The girls gaze too but they are the ones that have enough liver to walk down and take picture of the cake with their hi-tech phones.

Now, the guys are not impressed by the size of the cake, colour or anything of that nature.Rather, they are gazing at the sheer artistry and design of such cake.

A closer look and you will see the cake is in the mould of particular s*x or*an like that of a man ,woman and especially the oranges.

First to give it a try was actress Cossy Orjiakor who presented to her guests a cake designed after her famous large oranges last year.

A few months later, Port Harcourt big girl Nkeiru Ogwudire made a b*o*s cake for her birthday too.

Now,the fad has caught on with cakes depicting other sensitive parts of the body.Some are getting dangerously bizarre in their designs.

Confectioners who make the cakes even can't explain why a beautiful girl will walk into a shop and order an “or*an” cake to be made for her birthday. But that hasn't stopped the orders from coming or stopped the craze for the shocking designs.

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