Celeb law court | 4 April 2012 05:02 CET



Lesbianism is one practice that is fast becoming a sexual habit among most of Nigerian celebrities who now go all out to woo their targets with mouth watering luxury gifts.

In Nollywood, certain movie stars now form cliques bound together by their sexual preference.

It may shock you to know that the main harbingers of the game are the A-Lists stars, particularly the single and divorced babes.

Staying unmarried and of mature years can subject a woman to investigation about her sexual preference.

Top actress Susan Peters was recently accused of being a lesbian.But she opens up in a recent interview on the allegation.

She said I am not a lesbian. I have never practised lesbianism. People who know me know that Susan Peters is not a lesbian. Maybe the speculation was because of my masculine structure. I am masculine because I used to do games a lot before. I played basketball, ran, played golf but I stopped at some point because I was growing muscles. If I go back into gym now, I will develop those muscles but I am not gay. People should stop tagging me as gay. I love the other sex, I don't like gay. I have female friends but I have more of male friends. I have a boyfriend not boyfriends.

But I have male friends because I prefer male friends much to female friends because they are more comfortable to be with. I am not saying I don't like my female friends. I have female friends but I love more of male friends. So, people should stop saying I am gay, I am a full fledged straight woman.

When asked, It is believed that actresses sleep with producers before they become famous. How is it with you;she said For me, I have not experienced that so I can't say. My roles have been based on auditions and recommendations. Anybody who has said any other thing about Susan Peters is lying because my roles have been based on hard work and recommendation from may be people I have worked with before, or friends.

Basically, that is how I have grown to this level.

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