Nollywood Crime Watch | 31 December 2011 00:48 CET

Wife in coma after catching hubby in bed with his bestman


Barely two days to Christmas, the marital bliss of a two-month-old couple, Peter and Angela Ohwavworhua, was torn to pieces when the wife caught her husband red-handed having sex with another man who turned out to be the bestman to her husband on their wedding day. The unholy act of both men indulging in sodomy took place right inside the couple's room and on their matrimonial bed.

Angela, who is a Catholic by faith was shocked to her marrow by the discovery. The unholy picture of man making love to another man proved too much for her sanity and she fainted. The scandalous incident took place at the couple's residence on No 13 Taiwo Street, Ojodu Berger, Lagos.

Although the Urhobo couple had been living “happily” as husband and wife, since their wedding in October, the husband's homosexual inclination was writ large, only that his wife failed to decipher the handwriting on the wall. Three weeks before that shocking discovery, Angela, who is a staff of a top notch fast food chain, had complained to an older close relative about her husband's lack of enthusiasm for sex and his blatant shirking of his conjugal obligation to his new wife.

According to a source close to the embattled couple, Peter made love to Angela only once in their two months of marriage. “When she complained about this to my mother, she (my mother)a told her to take it easy. My mother told her that some men are like that, not overly excited when it comes to sex,” the source narrated.

Armed with the advice that her husband may by his nature be a man of moderate sexual appetite, the sex-starved wife went home, thinking of subtle measures to use to coax her husband to perform his marital obligation. Three weeks later, she stumbled on his sordid secret.
The discovery was a fortuitous incident. On that fateful day, December 23, Angela decided to leave her Victoria Island office earlier than her normal closing time. The 32-year-old got home by 4 p.m. and to her consternation met her husband husband's car parked in front of their two-bedroom bungalow. It was unlike her husband to be home before 6 p.m. Letting herself inside with her key, she headed straight into their room and there she got the shock of her life.

The gay husband and his partner in sin had since vanished into thin air. He continues to remain at large while his broken-hearted wife hovers between life and death in the hospital. A source close to the family, who spoke with Entertainment Express on condition of anonymity, blamed the beleaguered wife for the mess she currently found herself in. Describing the couple's wedding as a hasty affair, she averred: “The wedding came as a surprise to us, because she and the man met one day and barely three months after their marriage was contracted.”

Currently, family members of the shell-shocked Angela are at crossroads. While they are making spirited efforts to restore the still-unconscious Angela to health, they are in a dilemma over what to do with the two month-old marriage. A family member said the final decision rests with Angela.

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