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Steph-Nora Okere

Steph-Nora Okere

Although talented actress StephNora Okere and star actor Jim Iyke's love affair ended several years ago,many in the showbiz industry still make reference to the affair and still wonder why it never led to the duo marrying each other.

Jim and Steph had the best of times then. They were one of the hottest 'lovebirds' in Nollywood.

But the whole thing packed up based on allegations and counter allegations of infidelity.Steph also alleged that Jim was always beating her while the romance lasted.

Unlucky in love, Steph, as colleagues call her, has had relationships, some people say, with the wrong men.

The list includes Tony One Week, erratic and violent Jim Iyke who used to batter her on the streets and finally a marriage with Yoruba heartbreak kid Lanre Falana, which finally led to what she has called a marriage in process that never came through.

Now free from all enncumberances. Steph seems to be getting her groove back.

In a recent interview, StephNora Okere went down memory lane on her erstwhile affair with controversial actor Jim Iyke,although she denied the allegations of battering.

I have consciously tried not to say anything about Jim Iyke. It's not because I feel bad. I'm just not the kiss and tell type. I respect what we had, and the way it went. I don't talk about Jim Iyke; I don't give it an audience.

The last movie I shot in 2008, he was one of my cast. He acted in my movie. I paid him. That is enough to show that we don't have a sour relationship. There was no wahala. We talked about it and both of us went about our separate ways. Jim is one person I am very happy for.

There are some people that you encounter in your life that you appreciate who they are and if you move on, you know you have moved on. That doesn't mean you have to start throwing tantrums everywhere. There is really no reason to do that. I am happy for him and I am happy for who he is. So why should it be that anytime there is an interview, the question is always “Jim this, Jim that.” I don't really have to talk about the guy. He didn't do anything bad to me, and if you ask him, I didn't do anything bad to him either. What happened between us was really a case of two consenting adults; I got married after that and he went on with his career. If you ask him, he doesn't want to talk about me too. There is really nothing there to talk about. It was the press who tried to make issues out of it. When two people split, must there be an issue? There is no issue, unless you want to make one up. If he remembers, I told him “you have a very long way to go”. And, today, he's not doing badly. And I am very happy for him. As an actor, he is okay.


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