Sightings | 25 October 2011 07:07 CET



Two weeks back, a controversial s*x video involving a lady who apparently by the motive of the people behind the circulation of the video,appeared to be Ghanaian star actress,Nadia Buari was spreading across a section of the media and some other social networks.

The 60-second tape has the lady(who apparently looks like Nadia and a guy engaging in a hot sexual bout).As soon as the video hit town,tongues were sent wagging on whether it was really Nadia in the video.It was however established last that the release of the video to the social media was actually the handiwork of some individuals to drag the Nadia's image in the mud.

According to the finding of an Accra-based publication,the celebrated Ghanaian actress is not the lady in the s*x video but rather,an American professional porn star,Roxie West,also known as Bebe Minx.

Investigations carried out by the publication revealed that Roxie West is a Caucasian-American,with brown eyes and auburn hair.The investigations also established that the said s*x tape was shot about three years ago.

The latest development however has made people to be asking the question as to why people would want to link the modest actress to it.

Meanwhile,since the story of the s*x tape came out Nadia has kept mum as she has not come out to say anything about it and all attempts to get her to respond to the issue by the media proved futile.She was said to be on set in faraway Caribbean.

A source close to the actress however told us that Nadia was not in any way perturbed by the said video and that explains why she has decided not to make any statement about it.

However,unconfirmed reports have it that the circulation of the said video was actually orchestrated by a particular popular Ghanaian actress who has scores to settle with Nadia.

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