Behind the scene | 26 September 2011 12:00 CET



Although it was a thing of public knowledge that veteran movie maker Patience Ozokwor popularly called Mama G and screen goddess,Mercy Johnson engaged in a verbal abuse that led to physical attack on set of a movie over a year ago,not everybody is aware that the two talented people have settled their differences.

According to the information gathered,they settled their rift few months back,and Mercy honored her with the very respectable title as Mother of the Day at her wedding last month.

However,inside sources have made full of their peace making and why Mama G accepted the offer to attend her wedding.

Recall that many months after their fight,other actresses who perceived Mama G as their godmother took over the rift and started engaging in verbal war with Mercy and threatened to fight her physically anywhere they found her.

While all these were brewing,Mercy was said to have cried bitterly to her close friends and sent messages across to Mama G to stop spreading falsehood against her and inciting other actresses to fight her.

As all her attempts to extinguish the fire peacefully failed,Mercy was said to have cried to an elderly woman who hails from her state and have treated her like a daughter for many years.The elderly woman we gathered told her to be strong as the whole industry can never turn against her over one woman.

The elderly woman revealed to Mercy that Mama G will later become her very good friend.After getting the words of encouragement from the woman,Mercy returned to the industry and sent intimidating messages across to Mama G insisting that if she refused to desist from her actions,she (Mercy) will report Mama G to her powerful godmother who will settle the dispute in another way that goes beyond what meets the eye.

Subsequently,the veteran make-believe business woman,who is said to trust only in her prayers and God,was frightened so much that she allegedly went to Mercy's family house and apologized to her for peace to reign.Eventually,Mercy accepted her extended hands of friendship and honored her with Mother of the Day during her wedding.

On the other hand,Mama G was said to have accepted this invitation to further strengthen the peaceful bond now existing between them.

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